A hobby of mine is disto (distribution) testing from offensive security to your basic day to day OS (operating system). In this post i will give you five linux based OS that can be great to play with. It is always good to have a couple ready to go on usb sticks or cd/dvd disks  just in case you fancy a change if you do not know how switch and change your OS here is a  step by step guide.



Kali is my number one choice of all the distro’s. Kali is the update from the renowned backtrack5  which over the year became the hackers distro of choice. I love this OS due to its durability for all or most computing needs especially  pen-testing .                                           KALI DOWNLOAD


Parrot sec is another distro built for the purpose of pen-testing, anonymity and for me general fun. its has some great features such as anonymous mode at the click of a button   and a great selection of other tools. This distro was almost my number one  if i am honest i had to flip a coin choosing between kali and parrot.                                                                                 PARROT SEC DOWNLOAD


Kubuntu is a kde running OS which is very good if you like to have a custom work space  you can change the lay out of almost everything, its great fun to play with and would definitely recommend                                                                                                                                             KUBUNTU DOWNLOAD


Ubuntu is  a fantastic distro for those who are not familiar with the linux terminal commands. This OS is very well maintained by developers who try to make everyday computing as easy as possible. Ubuntu is great for those who want to make the switch from windows or mac to linux, Ubuntu is not quite as daunting as Kali or Parrot.                           UBUNTU DOWNLOAD


This OS has been used by journalists, those in oppressive countries and the secretive. This distro runs live from a usb, using the tor network  as default. the beauty of tails is when you power down and remove the usb your activity is forgotten ideal for those who want to remain a blip on the radar. I know tor has a few issues when it comes to tracking but its due a major security update very soon                                                                                                          TAILS DOWNLOAD

All in all the linux side of computing is great fun and full of options, these are just a few distros there are many more to choose from. If you have not tried the reboot in to a new style of computing i urge you to try it it will not be disappointing.

Thank you for reading