Theresa May was accused of a child sex abuse cover-up today after she snubbed calls for a super-inquiry which could look at claims against top Tories.

The Home Secretary gave details of three new probes including a police watchdog review of the botched investigations into pervert DJ Jimmy Savile.

But she rejected pleas to merge the eight different inquiries launched in the wake of the Savile scandal into a single one capable of examining all links.

She claimed it would get in the way of police re-investigating care home abuse in North Wales.

Furious Tom Watson, the Labour MP who has raised allegations against three top Tories and a paedophile ring with links to Downing Street, told Mrs May “a narrowed-down investigation is the basic building block of a cover-up”.

He warned: “Many sickening crimes will remain uninvestigated, and some of the most despicable paedophiles will remain protected by the Establishment that has shielded them for 30 years.”

Mr Watson said that there should be no historic sexual abuse of children which is off limits to the probe.

He added: “Whether you were raped and tortured as a child in Wales or in Whitehall you’re entitled to be heard.”

And to jeers from Tories, he blasted: “Can she live with being what she has just announced – the next stage of a cover-up?”

Mrs May today said National Crime Agency boss Keith Bristow will head a new inquiry into how North Wales police handled the care homes scandal and whether children were “sold” to paedophiles including a senior Tory aide.

She announced High Court Judge Mrs Justice Julia Wendy Macur will review the “scope and conduct” of the Waterhouse Inquiry, set up into the scandal by former Wales Secretary William Hague, which failed to look at abuse outside the homes.

She also ordered police watchdog HM Inspectorate of Constabulary to review investigations mounted by forces across the country into Savile to ensure the allegations were treated properly.